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Lebowski Fest

Lebowski Fest!
Lebowski Fest Speed of Sound Tour in 15 Cities!
Speed of Sound Tour

Lebowski Fest is packing up their dirty undies and hitting the road for a 15 city North American tour! The Speed of Sound Tour will include a Movie Party and a Bowling Party in each city. The tour kicks off with the 8th Annual Lebowski Fest in Louisville and then rolls through Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Toronto, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, DC and Austin! Dates are as follows:

8th Annual Lebowski Fest - Louisville - July 10th & 11th
Lebowski Fest Seattle - July 20th & 21st
Lebowski Fest Portland - July 22nd & 23rd
Lebowski Fest San Francisco - July 24th & 25th
Lebowski Fest San Diego - July 26th & 27th
Lebowski Fest Las Vegas - July 28th & 29th
Lebowski Fest Denver - Sept 8th & 9th
Lebowski Fest Minneapolis - Sept 11th & 12th
Lebowski Fest Chicago - Sept 13th, 14th & 15th
Lebowski Fest Toronto - Sept 17th & 18th
Lebowski Fest Boston - Sept 19th & 20th
Lebowski Fest New York - Sept 22nd, 23rd & 24th
Lebowski Fest Philadelphia - Sept 25th & 26th
Lebowski Fest DC - Sept 28th & 29th
Lebowski Fest Austin - Oct. 9th & 10th

Tickets for the West Coast dates are on sale now and tickets for the East Coast go on sale this Friday, May 15th!

More details here!
Lebowski Fest LA Wrap-Up

With the Wiltern Theater marquee illuminating the Los Angeles night, the curtain went up on Lebowski Fest 2009. The Dudely Lama, founder of the officially registered religion ‘Dude-ism’ blessed the event by leading the crowd in the Dude-ist Prayer.


Among the other highlights were the Ralph’s check-out girl (Robin Jones) re-enacting her indolent gum-chewing scene, Liam O’Brien (Jim Hoosier) re-enacting his post-strike belly shake, Da Fino (Jon Polito) doing the sleazy P.I. bit as only he can, and Woo (Phillip Moon) defiling a perfectly good carpet. Over 1,500 Achievers watched the movie on the giant screen and the night was complete.

Then it was on to the Cal Bowl for a sold out night of bowling and what-have-you.
Best Jesus, Maude, Walter and Dude bowl-off for the rug soiled by Woo.

White Russians
White Russians were everywhere.

The Video Artist crashes the Best Maude contest. Photos by Timothy Norris.

The event poster is now available online including a limited edition signed and numbered glow-in-the-dark ink version!

Event shirt also available. Front print: “Ever Thus To Deadbeats, Lebowski”

More photos and what-have-you here.

We’re looking forward to a far out year and hope to see you at a Lebowski Fest. Thanks for all the support.
 -The Bums
Lebowski Fest

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